What Our Clients Say

MyPM provides proposal services and project management services to organizations across the United States. Our professionals average over 20 years of experience as proposal managers, project managers, writers, reviewers and designers.

At the end of our projects, some clients take a moment to offer feedback and testimony. We really appreciate it when that happens.

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If you’re considering MyPM as a professional services provider, don’t forget to ask for our references. We’ll include our resumes, too.

Listed below, please find recent testimony from our clients. Each quote was pulled from one of our letters of recommendation.

What Our Clients Say about MyPM

About Our Proposal Services

“MyPM produces an exceptional business proposal; however, their work neither begins nor ends there. They manage the entire process and share their knowledge along the way. They are flexible, accommodating and highly responsive. They go the extra mile and they build the kind of relationships that last. Theirs is a firm of integrity; one that really cares about what they’re doing. MyPM is the kind of business we all want to succeed.”

“Responding to a large RFP can be an overwhelming process. MyPM’s ability to keep well-organized provided a calming influence to our team. It helped us focus on the benefits and the desired outcome.”

“MyPM delivered an exceptional product through a service that was tailored to fit our needs. Besides receiving a proposal we are extremely proud of, we realized benefits we couldn’t have conceived of before the writing process began.”

“MyPM is distinguishable because they provide the much needed project management oversight. Their ability to track every bit of information is impeccable. At each moment in the process, we knew what was complete and what work remained.”

“Working with MyPM was comfortable. Their service made it easy to relax and explain what we do and who we are. It allowed us to have frank conversations which sparked internal dialogue regarding our strengths and our direction.”

About Our Project Management Services

“MyPM also provided strong project management services. After the proposal was accepted, they planned the project, provided regular status reporting, and monitored the project through to completion. Without asking, we always knew the status and health of each project assigned to MyPM.”

“Throughout the project, MyPM was our single point of contact. They were responsive and always available. Their procurement services allowed us to remain focused on our core offerings.”

“Their representation of our company was extremely personable and professional.”

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