About MyPM

MyPM plans and leads development of competitive commercial and government proposals. Since our founding in 2011, we have helped teams secure billions of dollars in funding and new business contracts. We do this by supporting our clients across the proposal development life cycle, from opportunity assessment to proposal production.

In addition, we provide project management expertise from proposal development to contract performance. We help  organizations develop their project management maturity, beginning with the proposal. There, we define those good practices that help teams hit the ground running after the award. Our proposal planning lays the foundation for successful contract performance.

Our Proposal Specialists

After the award, your winning proposal becomes a part of the contract.   It provides your right to perform for the agreed upon price. That's the good news! Your winning proposal also creates performance obligations. That's the harsh reality.

    Winning is planned.

    MyPM differentiates ourselves here.  We understand that a poorly drafted proposal can undermine your ability to perform successfully. If you  can't performing successfully, you lose and your customer loses. Winning includes receiving the award and being positioned for contract success. That's the kind of planning we do and it's the kind of planning that everyone on our team is competent to perform.

    On average, our team members have over twenty years' experience in the proposal industry. Further, every person on our team has participated in securing numerous, high-value wins.

    The attorneys on our team write persuasively, draft narrowly, and spot issues others might not identify.  They prompt us to maintain confidentiality, and to avoid conflicts of interest by supporting only one client per opportunity. Internally, we rely on their expertise to navigate ITAR, FAR, DFAR, and TINA regulations.

    Among us, there are also PMP® certified project managers. They help our clients develop project management maturity and they provide subject matter expertise to inform our writing. They help define management processes that our clients rely upon, from contract initiation to closure. When called upon, they also support our small business clients as they transition to new contracts.

    You can count on us to prioritize the security of your business intelligence.  For each proposal, we implement an enterprise standard technology that uses multiple encryption methods, protocols, and algorithms to secure data in transit and at rest. Our technology enables remote collaboration and it facilitates document version control.

    Let's stay on the same page. Winning is planned and it encompasses much more than winning the award. Winning is also about building your reputation through successful performance. It includes delivering real value, cultivating trust, earning repeat business, and continuing to grow. That's the kind of winning we plan.

    Our Experience

    For more than a decade, we have developed winning proposals to businesses, universities, state agencies, local bodies of government, foreign governments, and numerous U.S. federal agencies. Our proposals span diverse topics, including: architecture, construction management, commercial construction, robotics in manufacturing, geothermal energy, petroleum logistics, program and project management, advanced sensors in manufacturing, aerospace systems engineering, modular chemical process intensification, language translation, call centers, guard and security services, help desk support, custom application development, cyber security, RFID technology, flexible hybrid electronics, outdoor tourism, facilities management, event management, debt collection, environmental remediation, insurance, speech coaching and writing, healthcare staffing, engineering staffing, data analytics, environmental education, marketing and outreach, refuse and recycle collection, scanning and document preparation, public art, and more.

    Some of the federal agencies we prepare submissions to include:

    • Department of the Air Force
    • Department of the Army
    • Department of the Navy
    • Department of Homeland Security

    • Defense Logistics Agency
    • Environmental Protection Agency
    • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    • National Aeronautic and Space Administration

    • Department of Veteran Affairs
    • Department of Defense
    • US Agency for International Development
    • Department of Energy

    • National Institute of Standards and Technology
    • Department of Health and Human Services
    • Office of Personnel Management

    • Secret Service
    • Peace Corps
    • National Science Foundation
    • Department of Housing and Urban Development

    • Army Corps of Engineers
    • Securities and Exchange Commission
    • Defense Information Systems Agency
    • Centers for Disease Control

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