Capture Management Service

Our capture management service is designed to decrease effort and lower costs. More important, it’s designed to improve your win probability.

We offer coaching and support services that reduce the work of those taking a shotgun approach to proposal development. We’ll work in partnership with your team to sharpen the focus on RFPs that align with your organization’s strategic objectives.

The result? Your team responds only to those opportunities which have been qualified. Your resources are used more efficiently and you identify better targets. When the focus is narrow and the vision becomes clear, wins are more probable.

Together, we’ll plan strategically, execute methodically and implement processes for continuous improvement. We’ll utilize a systemic approach because, in the business of bidding, winning is everything.

Capture Management Service

What’s Capture Management?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the organization about to issue the RFP already prefers you and your solution? That’s the aim of capture management. It makes your proposal the preferred choice.

Capture management involves all those activities that are aimed at increasing the win probability. It involves identifying the right opportunities and qualifying them, assigning a budget, extending customer contacts, gathering intelligence, developing a capture plan, assigning the right resources, developing the best teaming arrangements and positioning your company for the win

When you think of capture management, think strategic sales. Capture management is about a complex sales process where the buyer consists of multiple parties. Additional characteristics include high monetary values, high risks and long sales cycles. Unlike traditional sales processes, capture management relates to one specific opportunity.

When Capture Management Is Performed

Capture management activities are performed before the proposal is written. In fact, they’re performed before the Request for Proposal (RFP) is even released. Capture management begins at the earliest point the proposal process, before opportunities are even identified.

Benefits of Capture Management

If you talk to veterans in buying organizations, many will agree that buying decisions are often made before the proposals are submitted. In other words, they know who they are looking for when they issue the RFP. Capture management helps your company position itself for this preference.

Capture management also offers a well-defined, manageable and measurable approach for:

   Decreasing the level of effort and costs
   Reducing the bid time
   Responding to better-qualified opportunities
   Making better bids
   Implementing processes for continuous improvement

Our Capture Management Service

From start to finish, our capture specialists bring the experience you’ll need to increase your probability of a win. We’ll work in partnership with your team to:

Review your company’s strategic goals and objectives
Establish the selection criteria for evaluating future opportunities
Research and identify opportunities that fit the selection criteria
Assess your organization’s online persona
Develop the capture plan and assign a budget
Resource and assign the capture team
Learn the customer requirements and objectives
Develop a solution that’s tied to the customer requirements and objectives
Focus the efforts of your sales team
Position the solution with the buying organization
Assess the competition
Develop the win strategy
Build the teaming strategy
Assess price history and establish the price-to-win
From the customer’s perspective, assess the risk of contract performance
Initiate proposal development

Thankfully, much of the work product generated from these efforts will be recycled. It will go directly into the proposal.

Why MyPM

When MyPM provides capture management services, you receive coaching and support from highly qualified and experienced professionals. Members of our team have led capture efforts for numerous organizations, including those pursuing opportunities with:

Johnson Space Center
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

Winning Is Planned

For important wins, the planning begins before the RFP is ever issued. If you’re ready to sharpen your vision, steady your aim and increase your win probability, our capture management service is for you.