Proposal Writing Services

Mypm provides federal, state government and business proposal writing services. We assist teams by authoring a final proposal that’s reviewed for RFP compliance, style and persuasion.

We also write Request for Proposals (RFPs). We help our clients solicit bids from others and we manage the entire solicitation process.

Working With Your Team

From start to finish, our proposal writers work closely with your writers and subject matter experts. We begin by incorporating the compliance requirements found in the RFP and establishing the style guidelines.

Proposal Writing Service

Next, we work to fully understand the solution. We reduce it to writing and communicate it in a clear and compelling manner.

Lastly, we review all proposal volumes to provide “one voice” authorship. We write the final draft, submit it for review and incorporate final change requests.

Where there are no writers on your team, we capture the information directly from your subject matter experts. Regardless of the approach, we work back and forth to seek understanding, provide opportunities for review and implement requests for changes.

Technical and Persuasive Proposal Writing

Our proposal writers are versed in both technical and persuasive writing techniques. It’s our belief that both techniques add considerable value to a competitive proposal.

For example, it’s unlikely that a proposal will win where the solution isn’t understood by the buying organization. To enable winning, our technical writers work closely with editors, graphic designers, business analysts and solutions architects. The goal is to transform complex information into easily understandable copy.

For persuasive writing, we work more closely with the capture or sales manager to understand the unique needs, wants and concerns of the buying organization. We’ve found that little is more persuasive than sincerely understanding the customer and crafting a solution that fits.

Our Complete Proposal Writing Services

Business Proposal Writing
Business Proposal Writing

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Government Proposal Writing
Government Proposal Writing

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Request for Proposal Writing
Request for Proposal Writing

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Federal Proposal Writing
Federal Proposal Writing

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Flexible Approach and Original Content

Regardless of the type of proposal we write, our approach remains flexible. We work closely with our clients to fill their needs.

For example, our flexibility begins in how we gather information. Would you prefer to email your answers or would you prefer a series of interviews? Perhaps you have something else in mind.

We’re also flexible in our writing styles. Since no two clients are alike, we believe no two proposals should be alike. The only way to achieve this result is through the generation of original work.  This means we don’t rely on canned answers or software-generated content. Our writers take the time to understand your organization and communicate its unique personality.

Why MyPM

  Knowledgeable, Experienced Professionals

Each of our proposals are written in the voice of one knowledgeable professional that implements best practice standards for proposal writing. Just as important, our writers average over two decades of government and commercial proposal writing experience.

 Flexible Approach

Our flexibility includes gathering the information in manners that best serve you and translating it into original and persuasive content.

 Total Transparency

You’ll appreciate our transparency. On a daily basis you’ll received a current copy of the compliance matrix and a copy of the proposal draft. Without asking, you’ll always know where we are and what work remains.

Additional Support

We also provide the following support services:

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