You’re smart, you’re likeable and you’re good at what you do. We know you have several options. For just one moment though, please consider this option. Consider growing your career with MyPM.

Who We Are

To help our clients reach their goals, we provide effective proposal and project management services. Because these services are essential to the growth of most organizations, our clients come from diverse industries. Working with them exposes our team to numerous business models, several project types and diverse ideas. It’s one of the things we really love about our work. It’s refreshing and intellectually stimulating.

Our Mission

Careers at MyPM

What we love most is helping our clients reach their goals. Regardless of their size, this part just plain feels good. There’s an awesome human connection that happens when a vision becomes a reality. There are huge “ah-ha” moments along they way and they foster our own growth as well.  This is the good stuff that keeps us coming to work each day.

We’re a Bit Different

If you take a look at other proposal or project management companies, you’ll see we’re a bit different. For starters, our two primary services are usually not offered by the same business. We’ve placed them under one roof because we use both to create synergy for our clients. For us, they fit together quite well.

Next, unlike many project management companies, we’re neither consultants nor trainers. We don’t advise organizations on how to set up a project management office and we don’t offer classes. We provide the actual project management service.

Many organizations procure the services we provide through a temporary staffing agency.  Make no mistake about it. We’re also unlike a staffing agency. We retain talent, we nurture it, we invest in it and we support it.

For organizations that need project management and proposal talent, our professionals are there. This is the talent we invest in. When their need is gone, so is MyPM. Working in this manner makes us more like a firm. We’re a collection of professionals who serve our clients as our service is needed.

Where We Work

We’re headquartered in Lexington, KY; though it’s not necessary for most of our employees to reside here. Our opportunities are found coast-to-coast. Sometimes our employees are road warriors and sometimes they work from remote locations. Whether they’re project managers or proposal professionals, the good people we work with all have two things in common. They’re all good at what they do and they’re enjoyable to be around. We value these attributes equally. Check out Our Culture page to learn more.


To our employees we offer the usual things like competitive salaries and insurance. We also offer a bit more time off than the usual holidays and an opportunity to become a partner in the firm. Check out our Employee Benefits page to learn more.

We’re slow to hire, but once on-board, the people we work with are treated well. They are well-compensated, supported in their professional endeavors, applauded in their personal journeys and most importantly, they are respected. Their insight matters. They’re our culture and our direction.

Equal Employment Opportunity

MyPM is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. We commit ourselves to building a culturally diverse work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment. View our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

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Take a moment to view our current work opportunities. Hopefully, you’ll find something that really interests you.