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  We Manage Projects

MyPM provides project management services to organizations across the United States. We manage a wide variety of project types by implementing proven processes relied upon by project management professionals worldwide.

We serve those who don’t maintain project management expertise on staff, and we serve those that do but have reached their capacity. For them, we place the next goal within reach without increasing payroll.

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  We Write Proposals

MyPM also provides commercial and government proposal writing services. We are meticulous craftspeople, we are strategists and we are persuaders. When you’re ready to grow your business, we can help.

Our clients don’t maintain complete proposal support on staff; therefore, when it’s time to compete they are disadvantaged.  We help them by crafting exceptional RFP responses.  For them, we level the playing field.

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We Reach Goals

Take a Closer Look

Who We Are

Mypm is a project management company. We’re a collection of professionals that come together for one purpose; we help organizations reach their goals.  Our project managers and proposal writers have expert knowledge in their respective fields.

Our projects are planned by PMP® certified professionals and our writing services are led by experienced writers.  We utilize proven processes to produce measurable, repeatable results.

Because each project and each client is unique, we remain flexible and we craft solutions that fit. Then, we work with your team to implement them. We share knowledge, seek input and provide the translation and transparency that fosters project success.

Most importantly, we have the people skills that make us a pleasure to work with. You can count on us for a genuine smile and a warm handshake. To us, these things matter a lot.

Why MyPM

Is your organization presented with a project for which it does not have the capacity to manage?  Our certified project managers are there when you need them.

Did your business receive a Request for Proposal that requires your best foot forward?  Our experienced writers are on your side.

To your team, MyPM brings the experience and intellectual assets that drive results.  We provide the people power.  Our professionals implement solutions that help organizations reach their goals, one opportunity at a time. We’re your project management company and we’re ready.

When you’re ready, MyPM delivers.

Ready, Set, GROW

Kimberlin R. Wildman, JD, PMPYour Project Management Company